You should all know this.  I saw this on my way home from work today.  I was at a 3 train crossing and it came up in my feeds…and since that time I have been having a full on anxiety attack about not being able to bring this to you…but, well..

USAToday got the scoop on the new 2014 San Diego Comic Con set for Hasbro’s 3.76 Marvel Infinite Toy Line.  And it’s suddenly funny it’s called Infinite…Infinite…Infinity…get it? I get it…and I can’t possibly express even a little bit more joy over the matter!!  

As part one of two in honoring two of the absolute greatest story lines in Marvel Comics History, Hasbro has put together an epic box set with an incredible set piece.  The set includes Infinity Gauntlet stars Thanos, Mistress Death (with head swap), Nebula and Starfox.  The set also comes with a wearable Infinity Gauntlet Glove!

The set will go on sale at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 for $74.99.  With any luck they will have made enough for folks who can’t make the con and that would be available on not long after Hasbro planes land back at home base.

As a life long Marvel Cosmic fan, I feel as though the plastic gods are answering my prayers.  I cannot contain my excitement over this set.  Short of flying to California and going to San Diego Comic Con, I will do whatever I can to be able to bring you a review of this set!

GO LOOK AT THE FREAKIN PICTURES!!  Also, check out the other exclusive…

2014_SDCC_Marvel_Infinite_Gauntlet_4_Inch_01__scaled_600 2014_SDCC_Marvel_Infinite_Gauntlet_4_Inch_02__scaled_600 2014_SDCC_Marvel_Infinite_Gauntlet_4_Inch_03__scaled_600 2014_SDCC_Marvel_Infinite_Gauntlet_4_Inch_04__scaled_600 2014_SDCC_Marvel_Infinite_Gauntlet_4_Inch_05__scaled_600

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