Super Hero Squad new episodes start Monday!

Super Hero Squad new episodes start Monday!

Man-Thing guests stars in “The Super Hero Squad Show”

Iron Man! Captain America! Thor! Hulk! Wolverine! The greatest super heroes in this universe–or any other–unite once more as “The Super Hero Squad Show” returns to weekday mornings on Cartoon Network. This Monday, October 3 at 7 a.m. ET, the Squaddies return with all-new episodes as VillainVille’s infamous baddies threaten to take over the world in this action-packed all-ages animated series.

“We’re excited for ‘The Super Hero Squad Show’ to make its return to television,” said Jeph Loeb, EVP/Head of Marvel Television. “These are the most popular super heroes in the world and this is your chance to see them all in adventures with twists, turns and super powers that are fun for the whole family.”

Launching on Cartoon Network in 2009, “The Super Hero Squad Show” has drawn rave reviews from fans and critics alike, with IGN’s Matt Fowler declaring “I think it’s a rather awesome show for kids and a great way to get younger children introduced to Marvel characters.” The show’s star-studded voice cast includes Mark Hamill (“Star Wars”), Ty Burrell (“Modern Family”), Greg Grunberg (“Heroes”), George Takei (“Star Trek”), Jane Lynch (“Glee”), Jim Parsons (“Big Bang Theory”), Nina Dobrev (“The Vampire Diaries”) and more.

Iron Man tackles some mummies in “The Super Hero Squad Show”

“The Super Hero Squad Show” has spawned a hit line of graphic novels; popular DVD releases; and video games across all gaming platforms. Plus, visit to join over 400,000 fans in Gazillions action-packed “Super Hero Squad Online,” allowing you to assemble your own team of Squaddies and defeat the forces of evil!

The return of “The Super Hero Squad Show” to Cartoon Network also coincides with two of the most exciting super hero games of the season“Super Hero Sqaud: Infinity Gauntlet” for the Nintendo 3DS on October 11 and “Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat” for the uDraw GameTablet on November 15.

This Monday, Hero Up! like never before as “The Super Hero Squad Show” returns to Cartoon Network weekdays at 7 a.m. ET! And check out this awesome new clip from the episode right here on!

New Mutants, New Artist

New Mutants, New Artist

Sketch art by David Lopez

By Tim Stevens  From

David Lopez starts a new job as artist on NEW MUTANTS with issue #33 this November, but for him, it feels like coming home.

“I am very familiar with the New Mutants; in fact, I am a New Mutant,” he confesses. “It’s the book I liked the most when I was a kid. I dreamed I was one of them and had fantastic adventures with my mutant friends. I remember seeing them grow up.”

Now Lopez, all grown up too, has the chance to work on the path that some of his most admired predecessors blazed, which has only deepened his appreciation of the assignment.

“Graphically I am working on the same book and with the same characters as [Bill] Sienkiewicz and Art Adams,” he enthuses. “It’s great to have the opportunity to be part of their history. They’re the best toys you can play with. I know the characters, I like them—I love them. It was fun to notice that I didn’t need to sketch very much to get their faces and bodies; they’ve always been there.”

Sketch art by David Lopez

For Lopez, the assignment allows him to both respect those past designs he knows by heart while filtering them through his own lens.

“I’m not really designing the uniforms, I’m adapting them to my style,” he explains. “The biggest challenge was Warlock; he’s this weirdo robot guy without a defined physical shape, something that only Sienkiewicz could do. It’s taken me some time to bring him to my grounds, but he looks pretty neat now.”

While no one wants to spoil the story, Lopez does have a few details he can share.

“There’s a Nu Metal band that will rock and we’ll go a bit slice of life,” he teases. “But, again, that’s what the New Mutants were from the very beginning. They’re maybe the [most] human group of mutants—even if Dani Moonstar is not a mutant anymore and Warlock is a robot.”

Sponsor Announcement: Past Generation Toys 9/30/11

Sponsor Announcement: Past Generation Toys 9/30/11

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Custom FF Doctor Doom giveaway winner announcement!!

Custom FF Doctor Doom giveaway winner announcement!!

Thank you again for everyone that participated in this giveaway.  Please, look forward to more giveaways like this in the future, NYCC Exclusives, Customs, whatever neat stuff I can find that you good folks might want. To keep things fair, the winner of this contest CANNOT win the next.

Congratulations to MUReview reader Charles Cress

I will be in contact with you Charles shortly to obtain address information.

In the mean time you can PM him and post on the forums about how much of a big jerk he is for winning something everyone else wanted.

Thank you all again for participating and stay tuned for more in the future!  With NYCC 2011 coming up…it will be the VERY near future!

Special thanks to Alan (onlinebuyer21) for providing us with this outstanding figure to giveaway.  We look forward to more great customs from him in the future, for show, for sale, and to give to MUReview readers!